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Pokemon gold silver heart and soul are remakes of the original Pokemon Gold and Silver updated, now with new graphics, features, and lots of fun in the game. Welcome Marriland Soul Silver adventure that shows my entire game play through the Japanese version of Pokemon Silver Soul. In this episode, I explore Route 29, the fight against some wild Pokemon, use the shoes from a spry old man, and get Mr. Pokemon Mystery Egg - just like my Pokédex by his friend! Be sure to stay outSilver Soul tuned for more videos, and be sure to check out my website for a heart of gold and silver soul and order information! - Pokemon.marriland.com (much of it is still ongoing and I will continue to see more details there!) If you buy gold heart or soul and play together in Silver Marriland (you my wish or my video series Web site If you get stuck!) to 'em the following link - www.play-asia.com (heart of gold) - www.play-asia.com (Silver Soul) is where IMine helps me more when you get 'em from there. You do not need to know Japanese to enjoy the game! (At least you should not. These are some videos to watch. If it seems too confusing for you) Thanks!


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